Leistman Family

Every year I get to photograph these beauties and I always end up getting the cutest photos of them.  Even though the mosquitoes were out to get us that night, we battled them off and had fun anyway. Some of these images remind me of Little House on the Prairie, their cream dresses running through the fields...I can hear the music playing in my head right now from the show :-)  

Grace ~ Class of 2018

Here is where I start to feel real old.  Grace is a dear cousin to me and I have been photographing her since she was a newborn. I still shake my head everyday on how fast time really does fly. It has been so fun watching her grow up into the woman she is now.  I have no doubt she will do great things with her future! Love ya Gray!  

Jayden ~ Class of 2018

Love when people from my hometown in South Dakota come up here to take pics.  Granted...I do love photographing in South Dakota, but it is nice for them to have a change of atmosphere sometimes.  Jayden has such a kind and beautiful heart, not to mention, she is gorgeous!  Best wishes to her next year as she ventures on to the next chapter in her life.